Fly Fishing in Colorado with (719)Fly

2015 Guided trips in Colorado have begun!

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Guided Fishing in Colorado, Beyond Amazing Trips!

A beautiful Colorado Rainbow trout.

1 Person, six hours (that’s you)- 165

2 Friends, six hours (you and a friend)- 175

3 Friends, six hours (you and two of your friends)- 225

4 Friends, six hours (you, three buddies, girlfriends, family members, clients, etc.) – 340


**Fly fishing has no age limit**

*Please ask about lunch options when booking*

We are a group of professional fly fishing guides in Colorado. If you are interested in guided fishing in Colorado, you’ve come to the right place! Please tip your guide according to amount of love you felt for the sport.  We work extra hard for tips to cover our expenses associated with your trip, that is industry standard for happy client friends.  If you feel like an independent contractor is more concerned about money than your experience, then let me know at

You need to provide your own fishing license for the day or days of the trip! Click here to get your Colorado license online!!


(719)Fly does not book on Sunday for any public tailwater.  Not good for the trout, you, your guide or the guys trying to fish around you.  I want to always be honest with my clients.  Sundays are not the days to go fishing on a guided trip, leave that for the people who want to do it on their own and want to relax as well.  IF you desperately want to fish Sunday then your only option is private water… That is extra depending on the location.  Rates above still apply.

(719)Fly believes in barbless hooks.. Talk to your guide about it!!  They will give you the ups and downs.  (We think mostly up)

(719)Fly really does not like grip and grins.. Our guides can take better photos to relive your trip anyway.  Our guides try to keep the fish as close to the water as we can when taking photos of your catch.

(719)Fly would like you to join our guides for 15 minutes of river clean up after every trip.  That means taking a grocery bag and walking for seven minutes up and seven minutes back.  If your bones can’t handle it, no problem, our guides will do it for you.  You would be surprised what you find.

(719)Fly is Veteran and kid friendly.  Knock off 10 dollars for any trip with a kid or a vet.

(719)Fly would rather you leave your dog at home.  Just personal experience..

(719)Fly takes special care to work within the laws of the great country we live in.  Because of that the state requires a liability release for you the client and I have one for the professional independent contractor guides I work with.  What that scary legal stuff means we are good at what we do and we haven’t lost a single one yet.  Not even stitches.. Who knew outside could be fun.  But if something scary should happen.. (719)Fly, LLC Outfitter #3014 guides within the rules and regulations of the State of Colorado.  (719)Fly is also an equal opportunity employer! WE LOVE EVERYONE!  No really ask our clients!!

(719)Fly reserves the right to cancel a trip. Reschedule or refund at clients request if (719)Fly cancels trip.  Weather, natural disaster, family emergency and for the good of the trout will be taken into account.  Thunderstorms, wildfire and high water temps have done it in the past!!  Rarely happens in beautiful Colorado.

You must call and cancel your trip within 72 hours to cancel, 48 to reschedule, after that our guide has lost a day on the river and income for his winter season of further mastering his craft.

WE DO NOT FISH SPAWNING FISH… Don’t worry though, our guides will show you if conditions may apply.  (719)Fly does it’s best to avoid systems at height of spawn.  If you disagree, I would like an invitation to your house so I can bang on your door when you are trying to spawn.

The wonderful Brown Trout skin!

The wonderful Brown Trout skin!