Hot and Bothered Trout…

“It doesn’t matter what temperature the room is, it’s always room temperature.”  ~Steven Wright

Last year around this time I made a mistake.  I did not even step foot in a lower portion of a stream in which I killed a fish.  If I would have checked the temp, even stepped foot in the river, I would have left that trout alone.  Nothing I could do would undo the death.  I was blinded by catching a fish and did not even check.

Powerbait and worms.. Trout sure do love to eat it.. So much so that on many of our rivers it is just not allowed.  Fly Fisherman are quick to point out that bait fisherman kill fish.  Bait fisherman are quick to point out that, well, many say that they do not gut hook fish.  What are the fly dudes guilty of?  Perhaps overplaying fish on thin line?  Nope not us…  Maybe that Gold Medal River with questionable summer temps should be “Artificial Fly and Lure” and “Nothing Lighter than 5x”

Well, once a river hits a certain temperature, fish feel the stress.  There are a ton of great studies on this suggesting different temperatures for different trout species.  And with everything it depends on so many different things such as dissolved oxygen content.  But I am going to really really dumb this down.  (SEE GRAPH BELOW).  I created it on my nifty Photoshop..

Perhaps this explains it Via Photoshop magic?!

Perhaps this explains it Via Photoshop magic?!

Depending on the river systems you fish and their temperature stability, shelf the 6x and 7x on the bigger fish on bigger waters… Get the fish in quick during the summer months.

Where will I be on Friday?  I am taking the day off.  The fly fisherman who booked the full day trip was not too keen on getting to the river early, he also wanted to fish all day.  Unable to find a location or time compromise, trip was rescheduled.  

Depending on where you are fishing, get out there early, enjoy the water and as the sun gets high in the sky have a beer with some friends.

Wonderful smiles today.

Wonderful smiles today.

Again, if you have read all the way through this.. Deckers is fishing well in the morning but slows quickly around noon.  Today we saw a phenomenal hatch of spinners.  The kind you did not even need to grab them, you could just reach out an open hand and they would land on you.  We had some great success drowning tricos through the middle of the water column.

Last fish of the day!!

Last fish of the day!!

If there is a girl on the river, no trout is ever safe!!

If there is a girl on the river, no trout is ever safe!!

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